CreateDirectoryCopy workflow

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This workflow reads a list of pdb files, creates new directories using thepdb file names and copies the pdb files to corresponding new directories.

Required Software

Kepler 2.4 or above




There are two ways to run this workflow. One is through the graphic interface. After the workflowis opened, users can double-click the parameters to change their values and press the play button tostart. Another way is to run Kepler via a command line.


d directory where the pdb files are located and where the new directories will be created.

p pattern that the workflow will use to identify all the pdb files.Default is .*pdb$$. It can also be changed to .*mae$$ or .*sdf$$when .mae extension or .sdf extension are provided instead of .pdb extension.

p2 pattern that will be replaced by an empty string. As a result, only the names of the pdbfiles are retained for creating directories. Default is .pdb. It can be changedto .*mae$$ or .*sdf$$ when .mae extension or .sdf extension are provided instead of .pdb extension.