2008 3rd Summer Institute

The National Biomedical Computation Resource (NBCR) is pleased to present its third annual Summer Institute to be held Aug 4-13, 2008.

This training program will provide an overview of cyberinfrastructure and multiscale modeling approaches, and will include a mini-symposium and hands-on training sessions using the tools essential for cutting edge biomedical research. NBCR’s goal in offering this Summer Institute is to broaden the impact of these tools and work closely with the biomedical community in future developments, while offering significant opportunities for networking among researchers and participants.

Mini-symposium: Cyberinfrastructure for Biomedicine


Each of the following topics represents a parallel track that will meet half days, for four days. Each participant may sign up for up to two tracks. Computational Cardiac Electrophysiology and Mechanics* will be held Aug 11-13, 2008,
Monday - Wednesday.

Enrollment is limited. To ensure your place in the Summer Institute program and to help us accommodate you, we ask that you REGISTER as early as possible.


The workshop is geared toward graduate students, postdocs and researchers interested in learning how to use specific tools addressed by this workshop and/or who are interested in learning how to take advantage of cyberinfrastructure for biomedicine.



Flyer: NBCR Summer Institute 2008
NBCR is one of the National Centers funded by the National Center for Research Resouces (NCRR), NIH.


NBCR gratefully acknowledges the contributions of all the partners who contribute to the sessions and events of the 2008 Summer Institute:

Rocks Clusters

Biomedical Informatics Research Network

California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2)

Center for Research In Biological Systems

Pacific Rim Application and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA)

San Diego Supercomputer Center

Whitaker Institute of Biomedical Engineering, UCSD

The Scripps Research Institute

National Center for Microscopy Imaging and Research


Open Science Grid


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