Cardiac Physiome Abstract Upload Instructions

  1. In your registration confirmation email click on the link "Review, change, or update your registration".
    A browser window will open and it will have your registration information.
    Under "Actions" click on "Change Your Registration"
  2. A Sign In browser window will open with your Email Address already filled in (this is your login info)
    In a "Password" field type your password (was emailed to you separately) and click Continue.
  3. Once you are logged in under Edit click on Personal Info link and scroll to the end of the page. You will see a section :  
  4. Check a button next to "Are you submitting a presentation abstract ?" and this will enable auploading the file : 
  5. After uploading the file click on Continue button at the end of the page to move through the next 2 pages, and on Finish button to complete your update.